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Multimedia from BibleTech:2010

by admin.

The BibleTech:2010 conference was a great time! On Friday night we had the largest birds-of-a-feather session centered around Web APIs for Scripture.

Open Scriptures API: Unified Web Service for Scriptural Linked Data

By Weston Ruter

Video: Vimeo
Slides: Keynote
Audio: MP3

Using Pinax and Django For Collaborative Corpus Linguistics

By James Tauber

Watch video on Vimeo, and see also his talk on A New Kind of Graded Reader.

More audio, slides, and potentially video of additional talks will be posted on the BibleTech speakers page.

Multimedia of Presentation at BibleTech:2009

The BibleTech:2009 conference went really well! I presented at 11am on Saturday. My talk is available in a three formats:

  1. video (below) on Vimeo
  2. audio in MP3 format
  3. slides (below) on SlideShare

The MP3 audio I recorded on my laptop during the talk; I’ll update this post with the official conference audio if its any better.

SlideShare didn’t convert the Keynote presentation perfectly (animations were lost, for example), so you can download the original if you would like (will not work in Microsoft PowerPoint).



I’m working on a post that summarizes the important connections I made at the conference, and I hope to have that up here soon.

I’m eager to hear your comments and feedback regarding my talk.

Audio of Presentation at Multnomah University

Sound Icon by Gennaro Prota from Mediawiki Commons: I presented the Open Scriptures project to Dr. Karl Kutz, professor of Bible and Biblical Languages at Multnomah University. Joining the presentation to Dr. Kutz were my wife and LeRoy Lee, who is the webmaster for Multnomah and also a member of the Open Scriptures group. The audio is available (35 mins). Enjoy!