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About the Project

Update 2: Watch presentation from BibleTech:2010 (below).

Update: Watch presentation from BibleTech:2009 (below).

Note: The following writeup needs to be updated.

Open Scriptures seeks to be a comprehensive open-source Web repository for integrated scriptural data and a general application framework for building internationalized social applications of scripture. An abundance of scriptural resources are now available onlineā€”manuscripts, translations, and annotations are all being made available by students and scholars alike at an ever-increasing rate. These diverse scriptural resources, however, are isolated from each other and fragmented across the Internet. Thus mashing up the available data into new scriptural applications is not currently possible for the community at large because the resources’ interrelationships are not systematically documented. Open Scriptures aims to establish a scriptural database for interlinked textual resources such as merged manuscripts, the differences among them, and the links between their semantic units and the semantic units of their translations. With such a foundation in place, derived scriptural data like cross-references may be stored in a translation-neutral and internationalized manner so as to be accessible to the community no matter what language they speak or version they prefer.

Open Scriptures is all about Linked Data for scripture. Please watch Tim Berners-Lee‘s TED talk on “The next Web of open, linked data.” As Zack Hubert said at the BibleTech:2008, “Itā€™s a community effort. Any time anything good happens, is because a real cool team of people have come together around an idea.” Open Scriptures seeks to be such a community effort.

Learn more:

See the schemagraph of the database for a view into what’s going on. The source code is available on Google Code. Join the discussion group, and follow us on Twitter.

All code in the Open Scriptures project is released under the GPL 3.0 license, and all content is licensed Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0.


  1. jan

    I have been using your text comparitor! WOW and thanks, for that represents work. Previously my best was comparing a diaglott and the nestle Greek text! Loved it! loved how it worked… the highlighting and the hover tool- all excellent. I did a word study of the use of the word holy! The truth makes us free.

  2. Sergey Sologuba

    Dear OpenScriptures team! My name is Sergey Sologub – i’m a pastor from Ukraine. Year ago God lied on my heart the idea of Open Bbible commentary for youth – that every person can meditate on Scripture and write down his own meditation by one click. I just launched the russian version – and also have plans to launch an English version. Just found your vebsite and enjoy all you do for spreading Bible online.


  3. Caspar

    Dear Openscriptures,
    I really like your Manuscript Comparator. I have some ideas how you could maybe make the Manuscript Comparator even better. Could you please display each verse in a new line. Could you please add an English interlinear translation under the Greek text, for people who don’t know any Greek, could you please add the Old Testament to your Manuscript Comparator.

    God bless you

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