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Multimedia of Presentation at BibleTech:2009

The BibleTech:2009 conference went really well! I presented at 11am on Saturday. My talk is available in a three formats:

  1. video (below) on Vimeo
  2. audio in MP3 format
  3. slides (below) on SlideShare

The MP3 audio I recorded on my laptop during the talk; I’ll update this post with the official conference audio if its any better.

SlideShare didn’t convert the Keynote presentation perfectly (animations were lost, for example), so you can download the original if you would like (will not work in Microsoft PowerPoint).



I’m working on a post that summarizes the important connections I made at the conference, and I hope to have that up here soon.

I’m eager to hear your comments and feedback regarding my talk.


  1. John Dyer

    Weston, loved your talk! Your animations were really helpful for visualizing everything, so I recommend people take a look at the Keynote presentation.

  2. N. Dan Smith


    Presenting open-source/open-data to uninitiated people is always difficult, since their experiences typically lead them to associate “free” with “poor quality” (or even “stolen”). Thankfully we have a large, real-world implementation of business success in this area: the Linux kernel and related technologies. Once people hear that mega corporations (IBM, Intel, Google, even MSFT) are contributing code to open-source projects without hope for profit by means of intellectual property laws, they can start to see how/why other groups (like content owners of biblical studies resources) might choose to do the same. I have had a bit more success when presenting the open-source paradigm. Who knows, perhaps GBS, Zondervan, et al will also someday be convinced that open data is the way to go.

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  5. Robert Murphy

    My website is trying to do just this. I have all the re:greek-esque data (GNT and LXX parsed), and I am parsing the Hebrew and Latin myself. All data is open source and stored semantically. ‘Wish I had the time or money to roll with the big boys!

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