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Open Scriptures Roundup ā€“ January 1, 2010

Recently, there has been a surge of posts on Open Scriptures. If you haven’t been able to follow them all, here are some of the most exciting threads.

There are many more important threads that I will leave for your perusal at our Google Groups site. Over the course of the next few weeks expect to see some more explanations of what we have been discussing. Please feel free to join in the conversations!

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
2009 13 31 193 136 66 50 49 15 3 24 47 267
51 Weston Ruter
46 DavidTroidl
23 Daniel Owens
19 sceptreofjudah
17 jtauber
14 Efraim Feinstein
12 Chris Little
11 bydesign
11 JAG3773
9 Rob

Open Scriptures Roundup – June 26, 2009

The past few weeks on Open Scriptures have seen some steady progress.Ā  Of note is that the Tregelles GNT import script is near completion.Ā  The addition of this manuscript will be much appreciated as it will bring the total number of works in the Manuscript Comparator to six. In addition to New Testament improvements, David Troidl submitted the initial upload of Strong’s Hebrew data (XML).Ā  This first step is the outcome of very hard work and also good collaboration on our Google group. Lastly, we are working on porting all of our code into a Django/Pinax friendly format so that we can switch our site as well as our applications over to this platform.Ā  The progress here is moving along and within a couple weeks we should be on our new server using our new platform graciously donated by James Tauber of MorphGNT and Eldarion.Ā  If anyone has experience with Django/Pinax and would be willing to help out please contact Weston via the Google Group.

There has also been some significant steps forward in the dialog between Weston and the German Bible Society; GBS has a tentative proposal which looks to be quite promising and beneficial for both communities. Look forward to an announcement hopefully next week.