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Morphological Hebrew Bible Version 1.0

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Open Scriptures Morphological Hebrew Bible version 1.0 on the CrossWire module servers. This new Hebrew Bible module is based on the Open Scriptures MorphHB project and contains Strong’s tagging to allow for easy dictionary lookup. Our current effort is to prepare a system for collaboration on parsing the morphology of the text. If you have some facility with Hebrew and would like to contribute, follow this blog for further announcements. Note that the module in the CrossWire repository follows King James versification, while a separate module in the experimental repository has the original versification of the Leningrad Codex.


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  2. Tim Bulkeley

    This is a really worthwhile project. Do tell us more!

  3. Daniel Owens

    Obviously we only have lemma tagging at this point, and morphology is forthcoming. However, we wanted to put this out there to advance what is already out there for open source projects and to gain momentum in anticipation of the day (hopefully soon–in a matter of months) when the project will be ready to receive parsing from contributors. So stay tuned. The vision is there, but the process is unfolding. See MorphHB project wiki for a bit more information. You may need to register and log in to view the page.

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  5. Etienne Snyman

    YES! I am a post-graduate Theology student with Hebrew knowledge! How can I help?

  6. Daniel Owens

    First, you could subscribe to the OpenScriptures discussion group ( to follow progress on the project. We are currently preparing for an online interface to collect parsing data. As soon as that interface is up, you can start adding parsing information.

  7. Etienne Snyman

    Already a member of OpenScriptures for a while now, but I’m not really up-to-date with the discussions there.

    I’m following the RSS of these comments, so just post a link as soon as the interface is complete!

  8. Daweed

    What is “Morphological Hebrew”? Is it anything like the “Mechanical Translation” by Jeff Benner?

    Will this be a parallel text, including Hebrew and English in the module?

    Strong’s is O.K. but only shows a root word, not the complete word in Hebrew.

  9. Daniel Owens

    Daweed, no it will not have an English translation or any other translation. It will be a text that is annotated with lexical and morphological information to help those studying the Hebrew text.

  10. Ryan Davis

    This project is very intriguing and I would love to help with the eventual parsing. Is there a time frame when this will be ready to start tagging?

  11. Daniel Owens

    That is a good question, but I don’t know the answer. A prototype can be found at Check back with us later.

  12. syamjude

    every one should have an ambition about the Hebrew which is the light at the hand of THE GOD.The Hebrew bible must be nearer to all with morphological,grammatical and with audio player to read with listening
    The site is very good serviceable….be blessed.

  13. syamjude

    we have to be a TOOLofGOD
    there is disatisfactional work

  14. Brian Oleniacz

    I am so excited about this… Looking forward to seeing it come to fruition, I’ve wanted a resource like this for so long

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