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“The next Web of open, linked data” for Scripture

I just ran across a relevant and extremely important TED talk by Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the Internet, regarding “The next Web of open, linked data,” in which he presents the case for Linked Data. Open Scriptures is a Linked Data initiative, seeking to integrate and semantically interlink all of the scriptural data available. Berners-Lee notes in his talk:

The really important thing about data is the more things you have to connect together, the more powerful it is.

This is so key. If you have raw data for two resources, there is only a limited number of ways that this data can be combined together. However, each time you add in another raw data set, the number of combinations grows exponentially. Check out his talk

Again, Open Scriptures is foundationally about Linked Data for Scripture, granularly interconnecting scriptural texts at the semantic level, and making this data openly accessible. The more links added between texts will result in views and applications of scriptural data never before possible!

Raw Data Now!


  1. Brent

    Data! Now! and

  2. Weston Ruter

    I should note that for Open Scriptures, “Raw Data Now!” does not entail that content owners should have to make their data available without compensation, “for the laborer deserves his wages” (Luke 10:7 ESV). I believe that Open Scriptures must incorporate ways of financially supporting content owners by means of donations, ads, and/or subscriptions.

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